We invest in companies that find themselves in an exceptional situation. We get involved with no intention of a quick sale. Just with vision to generate long-term growth.



Fascinate us
with your idea.

As a company that has always actively shaped the future, we deliberately invest in the courage, creativity, and pioneering spirit of start-ups. We support the founders with capital as well as personal support, and our years of experience as entrepreneurs.


All success stories depend on the next chapter.

Even companies that have been profitable for generations can face huge challenges due to an unresolved succession plan. Our investment ensures that this sensitive phase is managed successfully. With full discretion, and the greatest respect towards shareholders, with the involvement of existing management.


There’s always a way. We will find it, together.

Every challenge is an opportunity. We specialize in leading companies out of a crisis. We invest fresh capital both before and during a crisis, and then assume responsibility for the restructure and the (re)alignment of the company.



Every company is more than the
sum of its parts.

Carving out parts of a company is a complex process. Decision-makers and management face immense challenges. As experienced, trusted partners, we support all phases of the restructure, and ensure that a part becomes a whole once more.

We don’t think in drawers.

It’s not how we invest, either.

We are open to a wide range of investments. Our goal is not specialization. Our goal is diversification. We focus not on one industry or a particular volume of sales, but on the task in hand. Does it challenge us? Does it call to our entrepreneurial spirit? Do we see the potential to provide support that can produce sustainable success?

If we can answer all these questions with a definite “Yes!”, our interest has been piqued – whether it’s a premium medium-sized company, or a start-up that just has a brilliant idea.

For tomorrow’s success:
a glimpse of the day after that.

For us, belief in progress is at the heart of all corporate success. That’s why we consistently invest in digital transformation and the latest technical solutions.

We smooth the path to the future for the companies we invest in, often helping whole industries to take a huge step forward.